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We are proud to offer many high-quality, medical grade products, for our patients. Products can be purchased in our office and are offered as a convenience to our patients. Many of these products can only be purchased through a physician and all of these products are ones that we use and recommend on a daily basis. Stop by our office today to learn more or to get a refill


Dr. Comfort's shoes, slippers and socks are the best fitting, finest quality therapeutic footwear available. In many cases, diabetic shoes are covered by Medicare.

Idonia Cream

A natural foot and leg cream made with pure essential herbs and oils. The cream can be used for dry cracking feet, itching, skin discoloration, scars, calluses, fungus, eczema, psoriasis, swelling, burning, numbness, neuropathy and varicose veins.

Moore Balance Brace

Establishing and maintaining proper balance is one of the keys to reducing the risk of falls. In fact, good balance can often counteract the effects of other risk factors such as diminished muscle strength, dizziness and environmental obstacles among others.


Patients who are prescribed and rigorously follow a comprehensive balance training & exercise program will realize an outstanding degree of falls risk reduction. In the meantime, or as a potent therapeutic compliment, there’s the Moore Balance Brace.

Dietary Supplement

NeuRemedy is a dietary supplement that helps support healthy function of the nerves in the feet and legs.* The dietary ingredient in NeuRemedy is used worldwide to promote healthier nerve function.

The specialized proprietary formulation in NeuRemedy contains benfotiamine. Benfotiamine has been used since the early 1960's to successfully help tens of thousands of people support the healthy functioning of their nervous system. It has been extensively studied in the scientific literature and has been shown to be safe and effective. Realm Laboratories has recently made NeuRemedy available in the U.S.A.

Adequate blood levels of the micro-nutrient thiamine (Vitamin B1) are essential for the proper functioning in the feet and legs. People with low levels of vitamin B1 benefit from a more bioactive form of thiamine to help their nerves to function properly. This population includes, but is not limited to, the elderly, people with diabetes, and patients on certain medications. For these people, NeuRemedy delivers a highly bioactive form of the micro-nutrient thiamine to where it is needed, the nerve cells.


 A 1% tolnaftate oil. It is an effective treatment for athlete’s foot, ringworm and fungal nails.

Shoe Shield

Used to kill bacteria and fungus inside shoewear.

Shape to Fit
Compression Stockings

Compression hosiery can help treat and prevent a variety of conditions Including aching Feet, poor circulation, DVT, edema/swelling, heaviness in legs, diabetes, leg pain, varicose veins, spider veins, tired feet, vein problems.


Pure Stride

The Pure Stride pre-fab orthotic features a polypropylene shell encased between 2 layers of EVA. The orthotic is heat moldable and has a recessed Poron(R) heel cushion.

Formula 3

The treatment is effective as a result of Tetra’s invention of oil-soluble tolnaftate. Formula 3® was the first product available to patients utilizing this formulation which includes natural jojoba oil. The jojoba oil is quickly absorbed by the skin, which delivers the tolnaftate directly to the infected area.



Only FungiFoam® Antifungal successfully treats Athlete’s Foot and Ringworm while providing the benefits of four other products. What’s more, FungiFoam® works in days — not weeks or months — and keeps it from coming back…guaranteed!!!


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