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Foot Pain?... Heel Pain? ... Back Pain?... Knee Pain?...

Custom Molded Orthotics  

Made Specifically for you...  and ONLY you

Whether made using our High-Tec Computerized Scanning software or the tried-and-true hand casting method... these devices are specifically made for YOU, your activity level and your shoe wear. The exact prescription is determined by the doctor's examination combined with your specific complaints.


The doctor performs a thorough examination as well as questioning in regards to your specific complaints, specific activities and your shoes.

The devices can be made to relieve pressure off of certain areas or adjust your gait pattern depending on your situation. The doctor has the ability to choose different types of materials, different widths, etc.

These devices are like eyeglasses and may require adjustment to get them to the point of perfection.


These are much more customized than the devices available in shoe stores and other locations as the actual prescription is what makes the devices "custom"...not the fact that your foot was scanned. 

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